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Last update: August 2, 2020

Note of the option to opt-out of personal details selling

“My Telegraph News” offers certain choices to our customers regarding how we use their information. The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) grants citizens of California the ability to opt-out from “selling” their personal data.

Interest-based Advertising Opt-Outs

Some “My Telegraph News” feature advertisements based on interest. Ads, like interest-based ads, enables certain “My Telegraph News” networks to give you free and more specific ads for you, based on your interests. The CCPA broadly defines “sale” of personal information in a way that could include allowing third parties to receive certain information to add to a device, browser, or you profile. This profile allows publicity based on interest on applicable “My Telegraph News” services and other online services.

Opt-out Advertising Tools

The Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) gives you a choice as to whether participating third parties can use your information to advertise on the basis of interest.
To opt out of exchanging the knowledge for interest-based ads with these participating third parties, please use the following instruments:

– For websites: the resource for DAA WebChoices, accessible from:

– You can review the system settings for smartphone apps and embedded devices, such as smart TVs or streaming players, and choose the feature that helps you to avoid automated content detection or ad monitoring. These apps usually allow you to pick options such as “ban ad monitoring” or disable options such as “interest-based ads,” “interactive TV” or “digital interactivity.” Those settings vary by type of device.

Please consider the following when allowing advertising opt-out tools:

– The above opt-outs are device-based and browser-based. Because the information being shared relates to your device ID and/or browser ID, each device and browser will require you to opt out of this.

– Cookies may be used to store opts-outs. If you delete cookies, or if your computer prevents cookies, you can no longer have your opt-out option. In this situation you can’t follow the opt-out options.

These opt-out mechanisms are not maintained or controlled and we are not responsible for their operation. “My Telegraph News” may still use your data to deliver contextual advertising, perform cross-device tracking to directly serve you first-party advertising, or for non-interest-based advertising purposes, such as attribution and analytics.