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10,000 free NFTs to be released by Internet Computer

Internet computer

Dfinity recently announced major news that its users are likely going to be very excited about — the release of up to 10,000 non-fungible tokens, which users will be able to claim next Wednesday. The NFTs were conceptualizes by brothers Tomasz and Przemek Chojecki, with the help of Adam Stepnik.

The three partners were inspired to create the NFTs following acronym comparisons to a famous hip-hop duo from the ‘90s, known as Insane Clown Posse, as well as the success of the legendary CryptoPunk NFTs.

After an entire series of early releases, only 3,000 punks are expected to be available for claim. Only one is available per user, and they can be claimed at the time of release. Przemek, the project’s co-founder, spoke about the NFT drop, saying that the team is incredibly excited about the launch of ICPunks on the Internet Computer (ICP/USD).

He also mentioned that the NFT space is rapidly expanding and improving and that it is an amazing experience to participate in its maturing and growth. Regarding ICPunks, he said that there are many plans in store, with the drop being the first step towards making them a reality.

The NFT market is maturing rapidly

Internet Computer itself is a crypto token known as ICP, which allows users to build various products, such as apps, digital services, websites, and more. In fact, it was already used for the creation of community-driven social media and similar sites, many of which were inspired, and now serve as an alternative to the likes of LinkedIn, Reddit, WhatsApp, Medium, and more.

The upcoming drop has already attracted massive amounts of attention from the members of the crypto world. According to available data, the NFT website has seen over 89,000 individual visitors since it was launched, indicating that the awareness of the platform is spreading quickly.

Another co-founder of the project, Tomasz, said that he and his fellow team members have been aware of Dfinity for years, and they have followed its work since 2017. They believe that the Interent Computer is currently the best NFT-oriented solution out there, which is why they are so excited to work with it.

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